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The Ransdal Corporation’s main office and laboratory is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our Glycerin Refining and Special Blending Plant is located in Edwardsburg, Michigan. This plant supports the main plant in Bristol, Indiana for Glycerin consumption with the ability to manufacture USP 99.5 grade (FDA/FCC) along with technical grade. It is extremely important to know that we also will design and blend specific formulae to exact (customer) specifications. We manufacture all of our Glycerin strictly from corn or similar vegetable base. The Ransdal Corporation is ISO Certified and a Just In Time manufacturer.

Glycerin C3 H5 (OH)3
The applications and uses for Glycerin are only limited to one’s imagination. Its function in our everyday world is truly amazing and all of us will come in contact with Glycerin each and everyday. Glycerin is water clear, odorless, hydroscopic, acts as a vehicle for other chemicals, is slightly sweet, can be used as a solvent, a penetrant, a thickener, a plasticizer, a humectant, a lubricant, an emollient, will act as a reactive agent, a softening agent as well as an anti-freeze. Glycerin is all natural and environmentally safe.

Our Glycerin 99P brand is formulated specifically for each customer’s requirement all the way to 99.7% pure product. Whether you prefer 99.5% or 99.7% (USP Grade with FDA approval) Glycerin 99P is perfect for pharmaceutical, food and personal care applications.

Lesser pure options are readily available for those who require a less viscous product but still demand the same quality assurance and performance. It is important to know that The Ransdal Corporation will custom-blend to a specific grade of Glycerin content to suit any need or requirements.

Glycerin 99P is purely natural and only derived from either corn or similar vegetable base. Our manufacturing and formulation is conducted in the United States by only the finest chemists and highly trained specialists.

We use only virgin materials and have one of the finest quality assurance manufacturing systems for production of 5-gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, as well as totes and tankers.
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